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You do not lift the bolt handle before pulling back. The Blaser R93 straight-pull bolt action has a bolt assembly that pulls Click for more info Mar 10, 2017 · The cycling of a centrefire straight-pull bolt is linear – simply pull back and push forward – but locking the bolt to stop it being driven rearwards as the round is ignited is not as simple as a traditional rifle design, hence they are more expensive. Discuss about King Arms Elite Series Straight-Pull Bolt Action K93 LRS1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Color: Black) with your friends and fellow Evike. 631. Blaser R8 Professional . 62 x 39. Decided to reduce my cabinet contents and this is rarely used as I have a 25-06 and 7mmRM in R93 configuration. It had a 22" barrel and long picatinny rail. The Merkel RX Helix has attracted quite a following of enthusiasts because of its short-bolt-throw operation, which literally halves the required bolt-handle movement by comparison with other straight pull rifle Jul 07, 2017 · Founded in 1957, it’s a relatively young enterprise, but has introduced some truly innovative rifles and shotguns. With all its undeniable experience in making hunting rifles, BROWNING® has innovated yet again in the field of straight-pull action rifles with the new MARAL. The bolt is symmetric and self-centering, providing a basis for increased accuracy. 5x55, Used - Very Good Condition, Straight Pull, Rifle from POWYS GUNS, Welshpool, Powys New and Used Guns for Sale Blaser hunting rifle in 6. The Mauser M1996 was Mauser’s foray into the straight pull hunting rifle market but it was not able to compete with the Blaser and production ended some years ago. The Blaser R8 Straight-Pull Bolt Action  Experience the Blaser product innovations 2020! Thanks to innovative stock options, the K95 Ultimate models raise the ergonomically perfect thumbhole stock to  The Blaser bolt action rifle R8. Blaser R8 Professional Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle - 308 Win, 22", Short Tracking Barrel, Dark Green Synthetic Stock w/Elastomer Inlays on Fore-End and   The stock on this Blaser is highly figured Walnut . 5x55, 22'', Dark Green Synthetic Stock w/Elastomer Inlays on Fore-End and Pistol Grip, w/Sights, Like New Condition (20 Rds Fired) The Blaser R93 Tactical is a police/military variant of the Blaser R93 line of straight-pull bolt action hunting rifles. com shoppers! Comment or answer questions for a chance to win awesome prizes. 2-3. Hunting RiflesGuns And Ammo  Blaser R93 LRS2 Sniper Rifle - Straight Pull definitely different. 308 Rifles for sale in Worcestershire, West Midlands The R8 Professional is Blaser’s base model in the modular R8 rifle series, featuring a no nonsense stock receiver that is designed to handle even the most challenging hunts. Straight Pull: Ross Rifle vs Blaser User question: What are the differences between the Ross straight pull and the Blaser straight pulls? In short? Everything. Just pull back and slam forward. Many contemporary shooters do not realize that the bolt action is an ancient action type, invented in 1829 by Jean Von Dreyse. Would be really interesting to know if the accident Paul talks about happened with a R93 or a newer straight pull model. He is typically paired with a spotter but is also capable of operating without one. This offers appeal to shooters in more highly regulated countries where they may not be able to use a semi automatic 22, because the straight pull offers a slightly higher rate of fire than a bolt The Blaser R8 is a German straight-pull rifle known for its radially locking bolt system, modularity and its barrel mounted scope mount. After the handle moves about 60 degrees rearward, the bolt unlocks and then you can move the entire bolt assembly rearwards through its full motion, cycling the cartridge. Mar 14, 2017 · Browning's new "Straight pull bolt action rifle" my Remington 700 but it's a neat rifle with an interesting design. The safety, on the back of the bolt assembly, cocks and un-cocks the rifle, making it perfectly safe to carry the gun loaded and allowing for un-cocking during long term storage without dry firing or utilizing snap caps. It was presented as something that may well be the way hunting rifle development may go Dec 21, 2017 · Ø Blaser QR scope mount with both 30 mm and 26mm rings Ø Blaser 2 barrel case (Airline approved). In rimfire, you have the reintroduced Browning T-Bolt and the newly-designed Anschutz 1727. When no shot is fired, lock (uncock) rifle again immediately. com Facebook page. Cased Engraved Blaser R93 Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle Five Barrel Set with Scopes. The Blaser R93 Tactical is a bolt-action rifle. Featuring a safe, lightning-fast working system and unmatched accuracy, the Blaser R8 is the top choice for countless demanding hunters around the globe, and is distributed in the United States by Blaser USA. (Left: The straight pull action of the Blaser R8) Firstly and perhaps most crucially the single most over riding point to mention about the Blaser R8, and the distinguishing feature that sets it apart from most other rifles, is the straight pull action of the bolt. I have found two modern hunting rifles thus far and was wondering if anyone knew of an others. Americans generally turn the same cocked eye at straight-pull bolt-action rifles they  The Blaser R8 Professional S is a no-frills, high-performance straight-pull rifle that's the perfect choice for the traveling hunter. and action, and a fully detachable maga Jan 03, 2020 · Blaser Group recently added the new Blaser R8 Ultimate and Ultimate Leather to its renowned line of bolt-action rifles. Wanted. B&T USW Glock Conversion. Jan 30, 2018 · New: Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle in an AR-15 Package To help shooters in firearm restricted states and nations, Lantac is releasing a straight pull bolt action rifle in an AR-15 package. I always request a Blaser because I love their consistency, accuracy, and fast straight pull action. 300 Win. Every year at SHOT Show I have to go to the Blaser booth and fondle the Blasers. 308 Win 4thNovSniperCompetition06. It is based on the manual cocking model R93 of the Allgäu armoury, which has been manufactured since 1993. 5mm x 55, merges technical perfection with classical elegance. Had a problem with the cheek raise and the bolt pull actually making contact, what a shame. The buttpad, cheek piece and trail spade on the Nylon Fiber stock are all adjustable. 338 Lapua Magnum. It has a straight-pull bolt action design which user can load the rifle in no time. Norfolk. GUN AVAILABLE NOW ONLINE Finance options are also available on all our stock. The Blaser R8 represents the most dynamic change to the bolt action rifle in the last 20 years. No, it's not a Blaser, it's a Strasser, made in Austria (not Germany like the Blaser). I cant find any links to them. Designed by Blasers' designer Mr. Different from traditional stock shapes, the straight comb of the R8 diverts recoil forces horizontally on the shoulder. Advanced engineering and uncompromising quality provide unparalleled accuracy for a tactical rifle. This is a ready to go wild boar set up that could easi ly be used for deer stalking as well (as I have done). Calibre 7. Blaser USA presents the features, functions and benefits of the unstoppable R8. Nov 06, 2019 · 1. The R93 is a straight pull action. Official licensed full Blaser trademarks are engraved on the Nylon Fiber lower receiver. It's not really a straight-pull bolt; it's essentially a straigh-pull bolt with a lever attached. Blaser R93 LRS2 . See video for my complete explanation. Type, Barrel Length, Calibre, Status, Price. Jun 06, 2016 · The straight-pull was intended as an answer to a need which no longer exists. Contact Locate Your Dealer Blaser Website Disclaimer. Blaser USA S1FA65C: The Sauer 100 Fieldshot is the perfect choice for a target, competition or varmint rifle. model: R8 Professional Success Infinity Package. The modular design enables the possability of switching between calibres in a matter of seconds. Instead, an alloy frame is molded into the stock, and the bolt's rails ride recesses in the frame. Integral Suppressors. The straight pull action is very smooth and quick, typically a Blaser can shoot 3 rounds accurately in the time it takes to shoot 2 using a traditional bolt action rifle which makes the rifle the ideal choice for Driven Boar shooting as well as Deer stalking in case rapid follow up shots are required. 62 x 39 Rifles. Additional features include: In my opinion the BLASER straight pull/push action of the Blaser rifle is about the only bolt rifle on the marker that has a Chinaman's chance of getting off four shots in the same time as a double rifle. The trigger exchanges as a module, without tools. With the bolt closed, a 360-degree radial collet expands into the locking groove of the barrel, and the bolt head is auto-centering and self-headspacing. Schmidt & Bender 30mm tube 3-9X42 matte finished scope w/ European duplex reticle in Blaser saddle mt. The tech behind the Blaser R8 straight-pull bolt-action rifle: unapologetically grandiose. The rifle also features a manual cocking system and a direct trigger. Depending on the model in question, this rifle family is chambered for a variety of popular cartridges to suit both hunting and military function -available chamberings include 7. It was a composite stock and matte finished r Blaser R93, BLASER R93 An extremely accurate,Straight Pull. Over the years, the German firearms manufacturer’s R93 and more recent R8 series of straight-pull rifles have become some of the most popular choices for European hunters. The Aluminum fluted outer barrel is CNC machined to reduce Jun 12, 2012 · The straight-pull bolt runs like greased butter in the hot sun. Besides both being straight pull rifles, they share almost no mechanical technology or heritage. The rifle also features a   In 1993, Blaser developed the Blaser R93 straight-pull bolt-action hunting rifle, a major success in the European market because of its main focus in security and  Straight pull hunting rifles have been around for a over a century and yet their acceptance in the United States has been only moderate, whereas in Europe and   Straight Pull Rifle (Ambidextrous) - S/H. 75" or 627mm: Rifle Barrel Twist: 1:11" 4 groove: Rifle Stock: Blaser LRS2 fully adjustable for length of pull and cheek height: Scope Mount: 12 moa picatinny rail Blaser Standard Profile (17mm Dia) barrel for the new R8 straight Pull rifle in all formore>> Type: Barrel Length: Calibre: Status: Price: Popular Calibers in Stock, Others available to order. The rifle is in very good condition with a straight pull bol Click for more info. marcopolooutfitters. The R8 features a straight-pull action and is among the world’s fastest In September 2008, Blaser established a headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. The Blaser R93 is a German straight-pull modular precision sniper rifle. That's very practical in the field. There is a new straight-pull hunting rifle coming to the USA. Sep 23, 2010 · The Blaser is a straight-pull design, and when out of the rifle the bolt is squarish and slightly ungainly, with two long steel rails protruding forward from the bottom portion of the bolt. That is, they don't always fire when you pull the trigger. The sides of the receiver and trigger guard are also engraved with floral scroll with gold wire inlaid accents. Insuring enough time for perfect shot placement. com Tel: 01173009956 Synthetic Professional version of this market leading straight pull rifle. Blaser R8 Stock: In order to make shooting with the Blaser R8 as comfortable and safe as possible, Blaser attached immense importance to optimizing the stock, reaching a new level of perfection. First, there is a length saving because the action is so compact. Lot #760: Blaser R93 Tactical 2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Vortex Scope Lot #3404: Engraved Winchester Model 21 Side by Side Shotgun Lot #1591: Swiss Model K31/42 Straight Pull Bolt Action Sniper Rifle In addition to a wide variety of shotguns, Double Guns of Nashville offers Blaser and Krieghoff rifles for sale. Get ready for something a bit different. History. A new straight-pull action has more recently been introduced The tech behind the Blaser R8 straight-pull bolt-action rifle: unapologetically grandiose. It was developed in the early 1990's by Blaser Jagdwaffen for law enforcement use. Converting it to . Its R8 straight-pull rifle, named for the year it began to supplant the similar R93, was the first Blaser rifle to debut in the U. The R93 is the archetype to the current guntrader. The Anschütz Fortner action used in biathlon is a good example of an ergonomical straight pull rifle with good economy of motion and high operating speed. Suitable for the Sauer Hexalock mount. Blaser R8 Pro stock and trigger unit. Blaser , R93, 6. Instead, the bolt head is an entire ring of thin, spring-like fingers (a collet, if you will) that go all the way around the bolt about a half-inch behind the boltface. Apr 10, 2017 · This Teutonic rifle was born to hunt, and it doesn’t care if it’s in the back of a rusted-out F150 or a posh Land Rover. 223/300BLK. Meinhard Zeh in 1993, it had a number of features rare on modern hunting rifles, including a manual cocking system and a proprietary Blaser saddle scope mount for mounting the optic directly to the quick-change barrel Just like the R93, the R8 is a straight-pull bolt-action. For sale is my blaser r93 6. The Blaser is used by Isabelle in the film Predators and the game Predators™ (i-pad). Mar 26, 2020 · The Mauser-style turn-bolt action has the bolt handle rotated counter-clockwise first, then drawn rearward and pushed forward, as well finally rotated clockwise back into lock. Yes, there are others, but their ergonomics are jacked. 5"), 6. Mar 16, 2010 · Blaser R8 Black Edition rifle. In 1997, when SIG purchased Blaser, Blaser released a police-sniper version of its now-discontinued R-93 action under the euphemistically benign name of “Long Range Sporter” (LRS). As long as it was not inc The Blaser R8 Straight-Pull Bolt Action Rifle is the newest iteration of the Blaser R8 platform, and we join Carnivore Editor in Chief, Iain Harrison, as he walks us through well-over five grand's worth of gun. Straight-Pull Bolt Action Target Rifle, MFD 1998 The Blaser R93 straight-pull bolt action has a #9/34575. Made in 1997, with the stamp on the trigger indicating factory recall for the safety has been done Blaser rifles enjoy an enviable reputation for accuracy. Item Views. Blaser . We are all familiar with the Blaser concept of a bolt-action rifle where the action is cocked in a single, straight-pull bolt to initiate a short and very fast cycling rate. 2lb crisp trigger pull. Lutz's sniper rifle of choice, the version that he uses is chambered for the . Blaser quick detachable saddle mount; Zeiss Conquest 3. Superbly versatile round offering excellent long range capability as well as fantastic standard range performance for anything from Fox through to Moose and even … Continue reading "BLASER 7×64 R93 STRAIGHT PULL Blaser R93 synthetic . The LRS 2 and Tactical 2 rifles are straight-pull bolt-action take down sniper rifles. £738 New Blaser R8 Professional straight pull rifle in . 3. Looked like a good concept to me. However this weapon has a straight-pull action design, that was introduced in the Blaser R93 hunting rifle. The problem with converting it to 30-06 is the magazine box is way too short for the 30-06. Here we have a Russian Made 1954 SKS rifle in 7. Unlike rotary bolts, the unique design of the straight pull action offers speed and versatility unmatched in conventional rifles. It features a bolt that is pulled straight back to empty the firing chamber and then simply pushed back into its original position to load the next round. 257 Weatherby Description: Blaser R93 straight pull rifle chambered in . Its setting Jan 12, 2010 · Blaser R8 Bolt Action Rifle Blaser USA. 99 Blaser R8 Professional Success Monza Edition Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle - 308 Win, 580mm, Standard Contour Fluted Barrel, Black Synthetic Thumbhole Stock w/Leather Inlays, DLC Jul 16, 2019 · The Blaser straight-pull rifle does not have a lug-type bolt-locking system, and the bolt does not rotate to lock. 257 Weatherby. The straight-pull action design allows for faster follow-up shots compared to traditional turn bolt actions. Jul 15, 2008 · The Blaser system has to rank as one of the most innovative rifle systems in development today, using a straight-pull bolt system and true modular skeleton to provide a very versatile rifle. S/H. The Blaser R8 modular rifle is a straight pull bolt-action. MECHANISM: Straight Pull New Blaser R8 Pro Success (thumbhole) rifle in 6. Barrel length 22". It’s a straight-pull system, which means you pull the bolt handle rearwards to open/unlock the gun and push it back to close/lock. The new Strasser RS-14 is a premium hunting rifle with some very remarkable features. 5x55. This newly introduced rifle retails for $2,895 and includes an R8 Professional Success stock, a short tracking barrel, three receivers for sling swivels (butt stock, forearm and barrel), a specialty trigger, a straight-pull bolt-action rifle, plus optional upgrades. The R-93 Tactical is derived from their line of hunting and sporting rifles. A Straight Pull Bolt is an alternative loading mechanism to the original turn-bolt design in the category of bolt-action guns. Follow Harrison through the redesigned skeleton of a classic bolt gun, in addition to all the accessories this tricked out rifle sports. Blaser’s Ultimate Expedition rucksack combines all the innovative features needed by the hunter. Most straight pull rifles have a striker firing mechanism (without a hammer ), and models using a hammer usually have a comparably longer lock time than hammer-less mechanisms. Aug 03, 2015 · Straight pull rifles like the Blaser R8 are worlds apart from your typical American bolt action rifle. All WFA1 rifles ship with 1x 10rd magazine and a plastic hardcase. Mar 13, 2018 · One of the more interesting designs on the market is the Strasser RS14, an Austrian-engineered rifle featuring a slick, straight-pull bolt. The bolt pull is in a straight line back and then forward into battery; there is no up and down motion. No images. The R-93 Tactical is a sniper rifle of German origin. CAUTION: The Blaser bolt action rifle model R 93 is equipped with a direct pull trigger. Those two rails line up with and slide forward into two--for lack of a better description--raceways that are incorporated into the stock. Thank you. They are a rifle that will appeal to you if you want something that is as fast as a lever action but handles full power hunting cartridges with pointed bullets. Most of you will be familiar with Blaser’s R93 and now their R8, so I won’t spend ages on the system itself – I’ll quickly cover the main gains as I see them. com Type: straight-pull bolt-action centerfire rifle Caliber: 35 calibers; (. The straight-pull action is faster than any other bolt-action design. Dec 22, 2015 · While incredibly popular in Europe, straight-pull rifles have never caught on in the states. Seller: Cabelas East Hartford. It’s faster than a comparable turn-bolt as less movement is required. At the time these weapons were designed (and there were several), military designers and planners liked the idea of an increased rate of fire…. bracesofbristol. Its improvements over the R93 are significant, if not all readily visible. uk is the best source of second hand guns, used shotguns and rifles for sale anywhere in the UK. Ive tried google but can find nothing. 375 H&H Mag R93  9 Mar 2017 Tim Pilbeam looks at three of the most popular straight pull rifles - the Merkel Helix, Browning Maral, and Blaser R8 - and asks; are they  4 Oct 2019 Modifiable recoil pad system improves shot-to-shot accuracy. The Blaser R93 is a German straight-pull action rifle offered in a multitude of calibers and barrel lengths. The Fieldshoot features a durable laminate wood stock, with a dark oil finish. Blaser R8 Professional Success Straight Pull . Developed from experience, it’s fold-out rifle carrying compartment ensures safe transport of rifles while providing direct access at all times. When the R93 bolt is locked, it centers automatically, allowing for fast and steady operation of the bolt. These include BLASER F16 SPORTING GRADE 4 30IN, BLASER F16 SPORTING GRADE 4 32IN straight pull : detail: blued receiver, deluxe walnut stock with ebony grip and for-end cap, removable gold trigger assembly, heavy contour fluted satin blued barrel, accepts blaser saddle mounts, checkered butt-stock and for-end, recoil pad, sling swivel studs, straight pull bolt action, made in germany. With some practice, however, I'm convinced that a straight-pull is faster to operate than any turnbolt. In our opinion the best rifle on … A Blaser R93 LRS2 is a sniper rifle. A real technical revolution, its quick-loading system offers shooters incomparable speed and unprecedented firing comfort. Blaser R93 Straight Pull bolt action in what is arguably the ultimate calibre for Driven Boar / game shooting…. Straight-pull action, safety cocker/decocker, the receiver and bolt engraved with bold foliate-scrollwork on a stippled ground, the right side engraved depicting two lions, the left side with three cape buffalo, the triggerguard with a bust of a leopard, all in natural surroundings, the top of the bolt engraved Blaser R93 Royal, the highly-figured stock with pistolgrip, engraved pistolgrip-cap Oct 31, 2014 · I want to build a . I have read that there are more bolt action rifles in use today than any other kind. jpg 2,248 × 1,453; 1. 5-10X44 rifle scope; Pelican 1700 custom fitted travel case - Black Action: Blaser R8 straight pull; Trigger: Blaser R8 with 1. 308 works out quite well if you do not mind spending a ton of money. This list may not reflect recent changes (). It is not just the next gun which will try to get a piece from Blaser R8‘s market “Blaser with its modular options and impeccable German build quality are without doubt the finest firearms in the world! We have established strong relationships with Both Blaser UK and Blaser in Germany and these relationships help us make the gun of a lifetime a reality for you. The primary reason i want one is because i want to be able to build a possible hunting rifle and to say that it has a straight pull bolt. Apr 08, 2019 · At a D. I also prefer the way my M03 fires every time I pull the trigger. 1 Rifle. Strange thing to do if there was nothing wrong with them. See this post for some interesting I know that a straight pull rifle has no real advantage over a lee Enfield style turn bolt (besides being ambidextrous) I was just wondering about the blaser r8 action vs something like the k31 permalink Look up the Swiss Schmidt-Rubin military rifle, or the Blaser sporting rifle for examples. 5" / 46. If you don’t fire, simply release the safety to uncock the bolt. The Blaser R8 Straight-Pull Bolt Action Rifle is the newest iteration of the Blaser R8 platform, and we join Carnivore Editor in Chief, Iain Harrison, as he walks us through well-over five grand's worth of gun. It is a straight-pull rifle with six ball bearings around the circumference of the bolt head. Modern sporting straight-pull bolt actions include the Blaser R-8 and R-93, the Heym SR-30, and the Merkel RX Helix; and in rimfire, the Anschutz 1727 and Browning T-Bolt. Originally a hunting weapon with a traditional wooden stock introduced in 1993 (and discontinued in 2017), several competition models with synthetic bodies were released by Blaser, the first few being the UIT and CISM models, named after Union Internationale de Tir and Conseil International du Sport Militaire, two The Blaser R93 LRS1 (Long Range Sporter 1) is a spring action sniper rifle. Re: Straight pull bolt action rifle in 30-06 or 308 Uhhhh! Sorry but the K31 is more than strong enough. Steyr Mannlicher Scout RFR. Two Stroke. Jul 14, 2019 · The Straight Scoop on the R8 . Blaser --- Model R93 Selous Straight-Pull Takedown Rifle. It is a bolt action rifle in which the shooter manipulates the bolt by pulling straight back instead of Pages in category "Straight-pull rifles" The following 20 pages are in this category, out of 20 total. Straight-Pull Bolt Action Target Rifle, MFD 1998: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All The straight-pull bolt of a Blaser R93. It's also possible to add extra calibers to the same chassis which gives us the oportunity to choose. Make Russian Made. Direct triggers: Blaser’s direct triggers are legendary throughout the world. Rifle Overall Length: 44. The 7 x 64mm (7mm Brenneke). Quite common in Europe, the Blaser R93 also has a smaller, but still loyal following among hunters in the United States. The straight-pull action allows for faster follow-up shots compared to traditional turn bolt actions. In 1997, after SIG-Sauer acquired Blaser, the rifles expanded into the tactical market. 204 Ruger R8 Monza Straight Pull Rifle (R/H) - New Straight-pull Bolt Action The locking system of the R 93 bolts in a straight line without rotational movement in the barrel, giving it an edge when it comes to accuracy. 0" with muzzle brake: Action: Blaser R93 straight pull: Trigger: Blaser R93 adjustable 2. . Always disengage (cock) rifle immediately before firing, at all times. The rifle can be stripped down into four main parts (stock, barrel, bolt… A straight pull mechanism is also distinct from lever action and pump action mechanisms. The Blaser R8 is arguably the best straight pull available on the market. Cerakote paint is a factory applied option. 308 calibre. Mag. Mar 10, 2013 · When it comes to straight-pull action only the Blaser need apply. Handle base threads are 1/4-28TPI and can be tightened in place using an adjustable spanner on the flats provided. Russian Made SKS Straight Pull 7. When a shot is fired and the rifle reloads (repeating), the rifle has to be locked (uncocked) again immediately. Trade Seller. 300 Winchester, and the 6. The location of the bolt handle on the R93/R8 makes the bolt flick wicked fast. Your ultimate guide to the Blaser R8 Bolt Action Rifle. For these reasons, it's not surprising that the Blaser R93 is so popular. 31 Aug 2019 The straight-pull bolt action rifle is inherently European design. However, when a Blaser isn’t available, it’s even more important to shoot a new gun a few times to get comfortable with the weight of the trigger or modify how the scope is sighted in based on my own physical dimensions and shooting habits. Sep 27, 2016 · Ever since 1993 when Blaser introduced the world to its innovative R93 rifle, the company has been known for its finely crafted and highly functional straight-pull bolt-action rifles. That said, after 40-odd years on turnbolt rifles, I'd want an extensive trainup before I took a Blaser hunting, especially if that involved going into harm's way. An absolutely like new condition Blaser. . Apr 23, 2020 · Blaser R93. The Blaser R8 Professional series of rifles are in our opinion the best straight pull rifle on the market. Renowned for being the best contribution to an expert shot, they make Buy Blaser R93 UIT . 308 Win. Details can be found on the Evike. To my notion there is a definite audible and tactile "click-clack" to working this action. The modular Blaser R93 features the ability to interchange all barrels, bolt housings (left and right), bolt heads, and stocks. You may be familiar with the Blaser rifle — that requires the bolt handle to be moved in an arc. The Blaser R-93 as well. Jun 16, 2013 · Built around the revolutionary Blaser straight pull action, this rifle was engineered from the ground up to create the best possible shooting platform. The Blaser R8 is a German straight-pull rifle known for its radially locking bolt system, modularity and its barrel mounted scope mount. Though we only require a rifle to shoot straight, the nuances of different designs are none the less interesting and give a greater appreciation of what works best. Fantastic accuracy in any aiming position. blaser-usa. Forened features a bi-pod adapter. 62x39 Straightpull This rifle is fully working Valmont Firearms. It seemed to take forever but I think it was about 15yards when I shot it and hit it just where the spine joins the head as it dropped its head. As the manufacturer states, the rifle was in development for 6 years. Nov 22, 2017 · There is a new straight-pull hunting rifle coming to the USA. The WFA1 utilises a straight pull spring assisted bolt action & unitary upper receiver to a modular firearm with a multi caliber capability. Buy new and used guns or search for gun dealers and shops. The Blaser R8 takes some of the boldest steps in firearm design I have seen in 30 years writing about guns, and it will be interesting to see how it influences gunmaking in the coming years. A Norwegian got have his face smashed by the bolt of a Blaser R93 in The only straight pull guns I have personal experience with is Swiss K31 rifles and . It is just a workhorse of a rifle that has a super-fast straight-pull action—I’d say almost twice as fast a traditional bolt action. Available in . This weapon system is presently in use by several allied forces and has proven to be one of the best precision rifles available to the professional soldier. Advanced Search. Sep 23, 2010 · Blazer's straight-pull bolt-action is the heart of the R-93. Its compact design and lightning speed is largely  3 Apr 2014 Sadly it is not the first time it has happened with a straight pull gun. No, it’s not a Blaser, it’s a Strasser, made in Austria (not Germany like the Blaser). 9 pound pull standard; Safety: Blaser R8 Rifle Stock: Blaser R8 Professional synthetic; Scope Mount: Blaser saddle mount included Asking $4,400; call or text: Todd May 12, 2015 · The Blaser R8 Professional S “Off Road” Rifle By Grant Gladson, 1-Shot Gear Like all serious Western Hunters, I hunt rugged and demanding terrain that takes a heavy toll on my equipment. to try and cut in on the Blaser straight Description: Up for sale is a nice used(98% metal, 96% wood due to some dings on the buttstock) Browning Acera straight pull action repeating sporter rifle in 30-06 cal. All applications approved online within minutes! Check out Braces full stock list at www. Of course, it will also accept Blaser scope bases and with a few screwdrivers, you can set it up however you please. They are more complex and expensive to manufacture. The synthetic adjustable cheek piece can be adjusted in height and angle along with a recoil pad. Apr 08, 2019 · This rifle is lot #2168 at Morphy’s April 2019 auction. Depending on the model in question, this rifle family is  25 Jan 2017 Straight-pull bolts are faster to operate than a conventional bolt action, although training on a conventional rifle can narrow the speed gap. They are such beautiful guns. as to whether straight pull offers Well let's take a look at the rifle a little closer. Several years ago a guy was selling off all his guns and had an R-93 in 300WM. The Heym SR30 is a modern hunting rifle produced in Thuringia, Germany using a rather clever and interesting locking system. 5x55, In Stock, £ 3,240  The R-93 uses a straight pull bolt design which is much faster than the conventional bolt design that must both be rotated and pulled. In centerfire, there are the Blaser R-8 and R-93, the Heym SR-30, and the Merkel RX Helix. 5x55 selling as complete outfit. The straight-pull bolt-action rifle Blaser R8 has been commercially available since 2010. The SIG Blaser LRS2 series of rifles are German-made, straight-pull, bolt-action, take down sniper rifles. Blaser R8 Straight-Pull Bolt Action Rifle. Engraved and Gold Inlaid Blaser R 93 Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle with Case This example has beautifully executed floral scroll engraving on the sides of the bolt cover and a checkered pattern on top of the bolt cover. S. As you may have guessed by now, I like the R93. The modular system allows for caliber interchanging. This action is more comfortable to use and allows for faster follow-up shots compared to traditional bolt-action rifles. Sep 30, 2019 · The Blaser R8 straight-pull rifle does not have a lug-type bolt-locking system, and the bolt does not rotate to lock. San Antonio, TX –-(AmmoLand. RECOILtv Blaser R8 Professional S rifle. The Blaser stands out in a number of ways as it’s a straight-pull action, which in terms of operation is technically twice as fast as a comparable turn-bolt. All Blaser rifles share a unique trigger mechanism, providing for a consistent 2. com . 2. tested) Buy Blaser R93 308 win LRS Leupold Super Nice Straight Pull: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All Unlike the traditional bolt action rifle, where you have to unlock the bolt, pull the bolt back to extract, push forward, and then re-lock before firing, the Blaser has the bolt set up so that all Used Blaser R8 Professional Edition Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle - 6. Category Rifles. I 'Best Practise; event, yesterday in Herefordshire, a bullpup bolt action straight pull deer rifle was on display. Blaser Standard Profile (17mm Dia) barrel for the new R8 straight Pull rifle in all formore>> Type: Barrel Length: Calibre: Status: Price: Popular Calibers in Stock, Others available to order. Uberti USA 1885 High Wall Rifle . Here’s an inside look at the straight-pull action and several modern straight-pull rifles currently available. The R-93 Tactical is a bolt action sniper rifle but differs in The Blaser R8 represents the most dynamic change to the bolt action rifle in the last 20 years. Subcategory Straight Pull. 5×55more>>. I prefer the Mauser M03 turn bolt locking than the Blaser R8 straight pull bolt collet locking. I resisted the urge to shoot and waited until the animal got close enough that I was sure I would hit it where I wanted to. The straight-pull bolt is odd, but I figured out how to run it quickly after a few tries. BLASER 7×64 R93 STRAIGHT PULL RIFLE. Synthetic stock in dark green with elastomer inlays on the fore-end and pistol grip. Blaser R8s and R93s come with Ammunition Saving Mode. In a straight-pull action, the bolt lever can itself cycled so the goal of the rifle’s rate could enhance. If enough people use a Blaser rifle , certainly it will be the beginning of a new tradition . Accurate, safe, reliable, fast, huntable, ingenious – a hunting rifle that is unique in every way and meets all demands. Suoi straight-pull azione bullone serrature di un 14-appendice radiale pinza in una scanalatura 360 "Blaser R93 Bolt-Action Rifles" . Blaser , R93 Professional, 6. All Rifles Shotguns Handguns Pistols Revolvers Gun Parts Accessories Services Articles. In 1993, Blaser developed the Blaser R93 straight-pull bolt-action hunting rifle, a major success in the European market because of its main focus in security and innovative bolt-action design. This Blaser rifle needs no introduction offering superior German build quality. 5x55, Used - Excellent Condition, Straight Pull, Rifle from Rayleigh, Essex New and Used Guns for Sale Blaser r93 6. typically have only a couple of seconds to shoot as the animal exits the cover of a forest or brush at a dead run and enters a clearing such as a logging road or fire break along which you’re posted. Using a manually operated action allows shooters to get around many of the anti-gun restrictions in place in the UK or California. With a quick rearward pull, the bolt cycles back. If you have noticed, the straight pull action is pretty popular in Europe. 3 pounds: Safety: Blaser R93: Rifle Barrel Length: 24. True, the straight-pull is a little quirky and you will either like it or not. make: Blaser. Media in category "Blaser R93 Tactical" The following 15 files are in this category, out of 15 total. When aiming is measured in  20 Feb 2020 In this episode of RecoilTV's Gun Room, we check out the ultra-high classin a straight-pull package. 22LR. 45-70. Blaser R93 375 H&H Mag . Oct 18, 2015 · Blaser R8 Review Posted on October 18, 2015 by Vivien Wu — No Comments ↓ For those not familiar with the Blaser concept: Blaser uses a straight-pull bolt action when the case is being recycled, which gives it a faster cycling time than a traditional turn bolt movement. ” Blaser R93, "The rifle of the Century". Not only large companies make rifles utilizing this action but also smaller and newer ones like Steel Action come up with such designs. Larry Racine does it quite well but needs a fair amount of bucks Jun 16, 2010 · Straight-pull bolt actions, whether modern guns like the Blaser R93 or Heym SR20, or old-timers like the Ross, don't have the same feel as the turnbolts most of us are familiar with, so they take some getting used to. Straight-Pull Rifle Test The rifle action of choice for most shooters today is the bolt action. The ergonomic straight-pull R8 action allows for lightning fast and near effortless follow up shots even in the most intense scenarios. Dark green coloured synthetic pistol grip stock fitted with a slim Blaser factory heel pad and black… £4,965 US$6,124/€5,689. Jun 07, 2017 · A German company located in Cologne, Germany and called Steel Action makes yet another straight pull bolt action rifle. Apr 23, 2020 · Sep 02, 2019 · Blaser’s straight-pull rifles offer several advantages over a conventional bolt-action. They’ve recently introduced a new rifle called ROLS. Estimate Price: $5,000 - $8,000. The rifle is accurate, has a fast-cycling, straight-pull, bolt-action, and Blaser produces a line of interchangeable barrels that allow the owner to completely customize the rifle for a wide range of situations. The bolt face is recessed to enclose the cartridge head and has a big, no-nonsense extractor. 300 Win Mag, something other lever guns can't touch. The Blaser R93 LRS1 (Long Range Sporter 1) is a spring action sniper rifle. This model has a 22" barrel allowing a good bullet velocity to be achieved whilst still remaining very short and compact due to its revolutionary design. Nowadays the weapon is marketed by SIG Sauer. The R8 Professional has none of the opulent frills of other Blaser rifles. In 2015 there had been produced more than 100 000 complete Blaser R8 rifles. 338 Magnum Lapua, . This was my first deer rifle and I have a lot of memories with it but Iâ ve recently bought a 270 Mauser and this just isnâ t being used anymore. It led to the development of the R93 UIT, then R93 LRS2 and lastly the Tac 2 Sniper rifle. The R8 Straight Pull Blaser Straight-pull bolt action: The locking system of the Blaser R93 bolt is in a straight line without rotational movement in the barrel, givingit an edge when it comes to accuracy and speed. ambidextrous safety / cocking mechanism is mounted at rear of bolt. Also deserving mention is Browning's lever action centerfire rifle, the BLR. com)- “The beginning of a new era of perfection”, is how Blaser CEO Bernhard Knoebel has named the launch of the new 23 Dec 2013 The R8 Straight Pull Action eliminates unnecessary movement. Go. Blaser uses a straight-pull bolt action when the case is being recycled, which gives it a faster cycling time than a traditional turn bolt movement. Apr 11, 2017 · French firearms manufacturer Chapuis Armes has joined the small list of European companies who offer straight pull bolt action rifles. Lg. Blaser Like a Swiss K31, Blaser R8, or Olympic Biathalon rifle, the idea is that the rifle bolt is quickly cycled with a swift pull back and push forward. Blaser makes their barrels by hammer forging. Jul 17, 2017 · The R8 straight-pull bolt-action rifle has been the mainstay of the German-based Blaser Jagdwaffen company for years now. If you guys could please help me. 14 Jul 2019 The Blaser R8 modular rifle is a straight pull bolt-action. Blaser rifles are best known for the R8 line, featuring its signature straight-pull action, eliminating unnecessary movement and ensuring enough time for perfect follow-up shot placement. 17 HMR and. 300 win mag rifle. Jan 25, 2017 · Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH is a German firearms manufacturer primarily known for manufacturing high-end shotguns and multi-caliber hunting rifles in the European tradition, including the well-regarded straight-pull R-8. 300 Win Mag Blaser R8 Professional Success Infinity Package Straight Pull. 62x51mm NATO, . Blaser R8 – 40 Calibers. 22WMR Rifle Also available in. The rifles are manufactured by the fire arms manufacturer 'Blaser'. 63 MB A modern sporting rifle designed and manufactured in Australia. The K-31 is a beautiful and well-made rifle, but it is complex compared to a Mauser. The famous German company, known for its straight-pull and kipplauf rifles, has now started producing optics for a year: binoculars and rifle scopes that are made in Germany, mostly in the area of Wetzlar, to which today the red-dot RD17 is added. What has changed is that the R8 has a larger bolt than the R93 and uses different geometry in the locking parts to enhance the strength of Nov 22, 2017 · Strasser Straight-Pull Hunting Rifles Now Available in USA. The straight-pull action design was introduced in the Blaser R93 hunting rifle line, LRS 2 (Long Range Sporter 2). Mar 13, 2018 · You may be familiar with the Blaser rifle — that requires the bolt handle to be moved in an arc. 2 years ago | 10 views. Like Blaser says, you can buy three traditional rifles, pay $1,000 or more to have them tuned or the triggers slicked and lightened — or one switch-barrel R8 with three barrels. Mar 12, 2018 · In addition the Straight Pull E-BCG® comes complete with a Straight Pull Arm and stubby Side Charging screw in base, so customers get full flexibility from the outset. Dec 15, 2017 · Watch fullscreen. The polymer furniture is  12 May 2020 . Straight pull action, 360 degree radial lock up, ultra accurate, strong and reliable, quick calibre change, quick change optic mount with 100% return to zero. Direct Triggers Blaser’s direct triggers are legendary throughout the world. Specs: www. 4. Most popular straigh-pull bolt action rifles are Blaser R8, Merkel Helix and  22 Oct 2015 The Blaser straight-pull bolt-action system is one of the fastest, slickest rifle actions available. :-( That's a deal-breaker for me. Blaser R8 Professional Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle - 308 Win, 22", Dark Green Synthetic Stock w/Elastomer Inlays on Fore-End and Pistol Grip, Hard Case $4,499. Serial # Manufacturer. Hence, it offers good accuracy and chamberings up to 7mm Rem Mag and . 5x55mm round. This made in Belgium/assy in Portugal rifle features a satin finished checkered walnut stock, polished blue 22 inch bbl. IWA 2018 / New from Blaser: RD17 red dot sight. Design Edit. It is the first and up to this moment only tactical rifle by Blaser. Remember to check "Also post on Facebook" when commenting to qualify for Right handed straight pull bolt has zero degree lift & 360 degree radial locking system. The R93 revolutionised how we think about a bolt action rifle. Feb 04, 2019 · The straight-pull mechanism is used in all three of the mentioned Blaser models. Originally a hunting weapon with a traditional wooden stock introduced in 1993 (and  4 Feb 2019 The straight-pull mechanism is used in all three of the mentioned Blaser models. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime rifle or shotgun click here for more Blaser Rifles. Straight Pull, 57cm (22. Colt Model N23. On the first two shots any double rifle will get the two off much quicker than even the BLASER bolt rifle. Synthetic stock, Blaser scope mount, 25+” barrel. Sep 28, 2019 · Blaser R8 for Dangerous Game. With the straight-pull rifles from Blaser the slide of the hand cocker sits in the slanted end of the lock. Funny enough did Blaser recall many R93s to equip them with a new straight pull mechanism. Blaser USA, Inc The Blaser R8 straight-pull bolt action locks by a 14-lug radial collet in a 360 degrees groove in the barrel and is designed to withstand pressures significantly exceeding the Mauser 98–type bolt-action rifles. 308 rifle. By contrast, with the Strasser, you literally pull straight back on the short-stroke bolt handle. Aug 06, 2018 · There are actually quite a few straight-pull rifles out there today. com Email: info@bracesofbristol. Whether it be a trip of a lifetime to Alaska or a quick outing during Colorado’s 4th rifle hunt, my weapon must be able […] The Blaser R93 Tactical 2 is a straight-pull bolt-action take down sniper rifle manufactured by German arms manufacturer Blaser. "Straight Pull" Bolt Action Rifles So after my last post I have become fascinated with the "straight pull" bolt action rifles. View our range of products in BLASER. The Blaser R8 is the most popular hunting rifle in Europe. 22-250. It does not have a receiver in the conventional sense, though wood-stocked R-93s have sideplates adorned with various levels of engraving. Even  The Blaser R93 is a German straight-pull modular precision sniper rifle. But i want a straight pull bolt. on integral low bases. Shown here is the Professional Success model with its highly stylistic thumbhole stock. Please see our photos and good luck! Blaser Model R93 UIT . It is a bolt action rifle, featuring Blaser’s revolutionary straight-pull action. A few straight pull hunting rifle models have appeared in recent years and one of the more highly regarded is the Merkel RX Helix. blaser straight pull rifle

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